Care Aware Workplaces

Care Aware Workplaces is an initiative endorsed by the Australian Government. It is designed to improve workplace arrangements for unpaid family carers. By becoming a “Care Aware” workplace your organisation will be acknowledged as a carer friendly workplace. Care Aware is a no cost voluntary, self-managed program open to all Australian businesses and workplaces.

Why being a Care Aware Workplace is important to carers

With over 2 million carers of workforce age in Australia many of your past or current colleagues may have a caring role that you didn’t even know about. Importantly, the responsibility of caring can have significant impacts on their employment and careers.

Carers need opportunities at work that help them balance their work and caring roles. An employer’s positive and supportive attitude toward carers and workplace flexibility will make a significant difference to the carer, their family and the person they care for.

Register as a Care Aware Workplace

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Information for Carers

Information for Employers